Wash your hair the night before this makes it more manageable, (do not treat your hair or use a product to give shine as this will coat the hair making it too soft to hold your hair style.

Shower well before the stylists arrive, as damp hair could ruin the hair style.

Wear clothing that buttons up at the front this eliminates the chance of disturbing your fabulous makeup & hairstyle.

Don’t forget to eat (platters are great, light and easy) you and the bridal party can nibble as you all have a big day ahead.

When using fresh flowers as hair ornaments, arrange with the florist to deliver the flowers early, then the stylist can attach them for you.

Have a manicure the week of the wedding this a great way to chill out and also you will end up with gorgeous hands as everyone will be admiring your rings.

It's a good idea when having a trial, to bring pictures of hair/makeup styles, dress styles and colours, hair ornaments, this will help the stylist create yours and the bridal party's perfect look.


Always have an Emergency Kit, designate a bridesmaid to have a small hand bag

Essential items
Lipstick - for you and the bridesmaids
Powder - to remove any shine
Tissues - just incase
Hairspray - small tin
Comb and a few hairpins - if you decide to remove your veil
Bandaids - for sore feet

Final checklist
Your speech
Your throw away bouquet
Esky with nibbles and drinks for the bridal party while photos are being taken
Towel for beach photo sessions
Any gifts you plan to give


On behalf of all the staff at Wedding Belles Hair & Makeup we wish you all the best on this special day and in your future years.