Our services include:

Using Professional Products (Ali Hamylton, Krylon, Indola & MAC) you can be assured that your makeup and Hair will remain fresh & beautiful on the day & throughout the evening.

On your special day we travel to you, it is efficient and time effective, taking the stress out of a busy schedule.

A wedding trial gives you the opportunity for a dress rehearsal before the big day, this can be done in the comfort of your own home.

With our makeup service a full colour assessment and face chart is completed for each belle.

Our hair stylists will consult listening to your needs and come up with valuable ideas, working together, you and the stylist will find the perfect style.

On your special day the stylist will attach your tiara, veil and/or any other hair accessories.

Costume Jewelry is for sale, to compliment your Dress and Hair.

Stockist of Ali Hamylton Makeup.

Stockist of Go Smile, teeth whitening products for that perfect smile.

Emergency Hair & Makeup packs for sale to make your day worry free.

We offer Makeup tutorials for groups of 4 – 6 people. A great excuse to enjoy a girls fun day or evening out.