For the perfect smile on your wedding day!


GoSMILE Teeth Whitening System

A brilliant, white smile will make you look more vivacious, youthful and alive.

Much of what we consume does stain our teeth whether it be a good red, a fine espresso or a fabulous summer pudding…not to mention cigarettes and soft drinks. Not such a glamorous look when the yellowing and graying sets in!

Everyone will notice your whiter, brighter smile after only a short time using the DIY GoSmile teeth-whitening system.

Whiten your teeth 4 to 6 shades lighter when used as directed. And it is so quick and easy to use.

A comprehensive and healthy approach in achieving and maintaining the healthiest and brightest smile possible!

The single-use ampoule application system eliminates cross-contamination and is sensitivity free. The GoSMILE compact will become part of the standard stuff in your handbag. “Popping an ampoule onto your teeth, whenever you need it…

Remove the single-dose ampoule from the paper protector and flip if over so that the applicator brush is facing upward. Slide the paper protector back over the ampoule from the bottom, moving up.

Centre the protected ampoule between both thumbs and forefingers. Squeeze where noted until the ampoule “pops” releasing the teeth whitening gel. Turn the ampoule downward again so the brush faces downward and pulse so the fluid saturates the brush tip.

Brushing in circular motions, apply the gel to your teeth until it foams. You’re in control, so target teeth that need more whitening and avoid any sensitive areas. Release and pulse the whitening gel until the ampoule is emptied. Remove excess saliva, but do not rinse. The polymer gel remains on the teeth for 20 minutes.*

*GoSMILE recommends you do not eat or drink during this time to get the full whitening benefit. Some temporary whitening of the gums may occur as hydrogen peroxide eliminates bacteria. This will subside in 20 minutes.

So quick and easy to use: No messy trays or strips Takes 2 minutes to apply Use anytime, anywhere…


Package & Price:

30 Stay Fresh Ampoules: RRP $125.00

Be Bright - GoMaintain

The first daily remedy for erasing stains, GoSMILE Daily tooth whitening maintenance is the freshest innovation in smile care – daily teeth whitening and breath freshening, in one.

Safe to use every day!

The only formula of its kind that………

• whitens teeth and keeps them white
• is a daily breath freshener acts as a midday brush
• kills the bacteria that causes bad breath
• prevents tooth decay
• improves gum health

Vacuum-sealed, these portable, single-use ampoules keep hydrogen peroxide stable, and help prevent sensitivity often associated with teeth whitening.


This is the intelligent solution to maintaining your brilliant smile after using GoSMILE’s comprehensive teeth whitening program.

Package & Price:

Refill: 30 daily ampoules RRP $69

Compact: 7 daily ampoules in chic silver trave compact RRP $49

Be Wise – GoProtect GoSMILE am/pm toothpastes
carefully created with essential oils…..

Aromas and flavours to enhance your smile care experience Incomparable talent to protect the teeth and gums

GoSMILE am toothpaste

Get-up-and-go with lemon, lime, orange and mandarin verve …..cleanse with peppermint infusion

GoSMILE pm toothpaste

Go-to-sleep with quieting lavender, chamomile and vanilla…… calm the senses with spearmint, peppermint and valerian root.

Both these exquisite formulas include:

• White Cranberry Powder (extract): shown to prevent adhesion of bacteria that can lead to periodontal disease. • Naturally-derived Hydrated Silica: polishes teeth and removes surface stains revealing a whiter, brighter smile.


Package & Price:

Single Tube: RRP $30

Duo box: RRP $50

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